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Noah Lemaich
Head Concierge, SIXTY LES
Noah Lemaich
Head Concierge, SIXTY LES
190 Allen St.

Cabaret at Studio 54 (©Joan Marcus)

When thinking of any type of theatrical performance, audience involvement is normally limited to sitting, quietly, in a dark theater and watching the action evolve onstage. However, NYC is currently home to several shows that don’t (exactly) play by those stringent rules. “I am really excited about the great options for more immersive and environmental theatre here in NYC,” Noah Lemaich, a 11-year concierge who currently serves as head concierge at SIXTY LES, says. “There are several shows where you can lose yourself in the world of the show and let the atmosphere surround and entice you.” Here he recommends three productions that do just that.

Noah Lemaich, head concierge at SIXTY LES (190 Allen St., 212.460.5300)

The latest NYC revival of Cabaret recently returned to its home at Studio 54—the famed 70s-era nightclub turned Broadway theatre. The historic venue even has a role in the production; transformed into the fictional Kit Kat Klub, where a significant amount of the musical’s storyline takes place. “The Studio 54 theatre has been re-outfitted with cabaret table seating in the orchestra and front mezzanine,” Lemaich says. “The theatre opens one hour before the show with table service—and don't be surprised if one of the actors decides to sit on your lap.” Alan Cumming (The Good Wife), who reprises his Tony Award-winning role in this revival, is joined alongside Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn) in her Broadway debut.

Queen of the Night (©Joan Marcus)

The dinner theater experience is taken to a whole other level at Queen of the Night—a mix of theater, dining, nightlife and more loosely based on Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” “I've already been twice and will probably go several more times,” Lemaich admits. “This is one of my favorite options to suggest to guests who want to have a one-stop evening.  [It’s] an extravagant bacchanal; blending theatre, circus, magic, fashion, dance, a full dinner and drinks. Dinner theatre has never been more sinfully decadent and interactive.” The show is currently performing below the Paramount Hotel at the Diamond Horseshoe.

Then She Fell (©Darial Sneed)

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Then She Fell is currently performing on three floors of a former parochial schooltransformed into the creepy Kingsland Ward. Inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll—and offering and Alice in Wonderland-type experience—this multi-sensory show is limited to just 15 audience members per performance. “You are often exploring the space by yourself and encountering performers on a one-on-one basis,” Lemaich says. In addition, audience members will unearth clues; use skeleton keys to gain access to guarded secrets; and more. Keep in mind you must be 21 or older (except for special 18+ shows) to experience this show.