Central Cellars in Grand Central Terminal (©Black Paw Photo, Courtesy Central Cellars)

Convenient for travelers and locals in Midtown East, Central Cellars has all your adult beverage needs.

When I graduated college in 1977 and moved into the Village, I remember shopping, practically on a weekly basis, at Astor Wines & Spirits.

Find the perfect New Yorky gift at Brooklyn Winery.

Corny as it sounds, I love the idea of a 24-hour restaurant in the city that never sleeps. It’s kind of like having the Statue of Liberty on the island: I may not visit often, but it’s so nice to know that it’s there. French Roast has been around as long as I can remember: when I first started in publishing over 20 years ago, I remember stopping by the West Village French Roast bar for a cabernet and conversation with, oh, about 25 of my closest friends.

Having made plans to get together with an old friend who lives on East 17th Street, I was scratching my head trying to find some unique spot to meet at in his neighborhood. I knew I wanted some good wine, and I am an impossibly picky wine drinker. All my close friends by now know the mantra: the wine has to be a full-bodied, oaky, buttery white, a touch fruity without being sweet, just something that really wakes up my palate.

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