Winter Antiques Show

The pleasures of the Winter Antiques Show, like the antiques themselves, are varied and many. While I enjoy seeing dealers from all over the world gathered within the Park Avenue Armory's soaring hall, I also delight in the juxtaposition of local purveyors under one roof, their booths a distilled version of their stores or warehouses. In effect, you can tour almost all of the city's many antiques-rich neighborhoods within the space of a few hours at the show. Let's virtually visit of the some of this year's treasures, all courtesy of the vendors of New York.

Every January, without fail, when I enter the Winter Antiques Show, I think of Howard Carter, the British archaeologist and Egyptologist, who unearthed the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. I see Carter peering through a chink at the top of the stone wall separating him from the tomb’s antechamber, his only illumination a candle. “Can you see anything?” Lord Carnarvon, the backer of the exhibition, asks impatiently from behind. “Yes, wonderful things,” Carter blurts out. My sentiments exactly. And this year the “things” are even more wonderful as the Winter Antiques Show marks its 60th year, or Diamond Jubilee.

The Winter Antiques Show, Jan. 25-Feb. 3, never ceases to amaze. But this year, its 59th consecutive year as the mainstay of New York's winter art and antiques calendar, it outdoes itself. Could it be that, like many a 59 year old, its thoughts turned to a face-lift? The look of the show, from the cream paneled architecture of the booths to the enhanced lighting to the bright buff carpet that replaces the industrial gray of yore, has been freshened.

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