It takes me over an hour by subway to get to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but it’s worth it for a trip to Bliss Grand. Like the name implies, Bliss serves blissfully delicious food—all of which is vegan and made without preservatives, chemicals or refined sugars. They also offer plenty of gluten free options.

I am not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, but I sympathize with friends who’ve chosen this particular lifestyle. So last week when I found myself making dinner plans with an herbivore friend, I decided to pick a vegetarian restaurant so she wouldn’t have to settle for a pitiful run-of-the-mill garden salad.

Was dubious the right word for what I felt before heading out to a press dinner at Table Verte on a recent rainy April evening? Nervous might have been a better word for me, Lois Levine, lover of all things sirloin and then some. I have been a happy red-and white-meat eater ever since I was a child, when my mother swore that I had experienced hamburgers and french fries in every restaurant in the tri-state area, since that was one of the only things this very picky meat-eater would ever choose in a restaurant.

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