Upper East Side

A deep conditioning treatment for the hair, just before winter’s winds blow their cold, dry wrath on my tresses, sounded like a good idea. So I bundled up on this frigid November day and headed up to 66th Street off Madison Ave., on a street filled with lovely brownstones and canopied apartment buildings, to the Ricardo Rojas Atelier salon. Mystified (I saw no shop sign), I came across a small building with an apartment buzzer block, with the salon name next to 5B.

This past Thursday, I took a tour of Holiday House NYC—an Upper East Side mansion that transforms into a holiday-themed designer showhouse every fall.

I wish I’d known about the Upper East Side’s Mary Arnold Toys when I was a kid.

This past week, I took a trip to the Upper East Side to Alexandre de Paris, the hair accessory store of famed French hairdresser Louis Alexandre Raimon. The store, which recently moved from Madison to Lexington Avenue, is the perfect place to find the finishing touches for any hairdo.

New York City is full of specialty stores, and Tender Buttons is definitely one to visit. The quaint shop, in a brick townhouse on the Upper East Side, is bursting at the seams with buttons for sale—housed in display cases and wooden drawers. Several antique buttons are even mounted and framed on the wall.

A nice meal or relaxing beverage in one of NYC’s amazing eateries is great—add cool décor and/or a theme and the experience is even better. Alice’s Teacup is one such place. The restaurant, reminiscent of "Alice in Wonderland," has two locations on the Upper East Side, as well as a spot on the Upper West Side, and serves up the freshest teas, made to order, as well as tasty breakfast, brunch, lunch and supper items.

Anyone who has spent enough time in New York City will tell you that sporting designer brands is pretty much a way of life for a lot of city dwellers and visitors. This metropolis is full of high-end boutiques and department stores that carry everything from Alexander McQueen to Louis Vuitton.


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