Time Warner Center

The holidays are a magical time in New York City. This season sees the sprawling cityscape transform into a winter wonderland of holiday lights and decorations. Through January 3rd, you can experience "Holiday Under the Stars" at Time Warner Center.

My father and I are a bit obsessed with the Food Network.

Spending the holiday season in New York City is a magical time of year. Most street lamps and surrounding trees are decorated with soft white lights and almost every building has elaborate holiday decorations in the lobbies. This is also the perfect time to visit one of the many holiday markets that pop up all over the city.

To celebrate the arrival of several new shops, The Shops at Columbus Circle has teamed with shopping mag Lucky and retailer C. Wonder to find an original design for The Shops’ first official shopping tote. A panel of guest judges will select the winning design.

When the first warm day hits NYC, everyone always has the same game plan: You say to yourself with absolute conviction, “I am going to spend the entire summer outside.” Your plans involve multiple trips to the park, lounging at the beach and a barbecue every weekend.

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