Sushi Roxx Sushi Bar (Farah Lopez)

Sushi Roxx a high energy, vibe dining destination restaurant celebrates its second anniversary and the debut of its newest musical show “Love Roxx”

Sushi (Courtesy Ozoku)

This cozy pop-up bar serves delightful sushi, sashimi and poke dishes through December.

I had a little fantasy of attempting to cover every credible sushi joint in town.

When it comes to going out for sushi, I am your girl.

This city is forever in a state of change. Take my regular obsession with sushi this past summer, for example.

Try an appealing, sleek, compartmentalized box of sushi, salad and edamame from this chain of take-out or eat-in eateries.

Some people are overly concerned with job security. With me, it's all about restaurant security.

. . . to like Kosher food. It's often fresher, the ingredients better quality. So when a new Kosher restaurant opened up in my Murray Hill neighborhood, what's a girl to do?

Nobu Next Door, the smaller “sibling” restaurant right next to the world-famous Nobu on Hudson street, is kind of like Prince Harry: a royal, like his brother William, but a little more playful, a little more relaxed. The restaurant is designed with the same classy and modernist Asian accents as the original (which is, as the name implies, right next door): a large display of lit sake bottles decorate one wall: Japanese fishing nets hang from the ceiling, while a wall made of preserved Japanese sea wood enhances the entranceway.


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