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I grew up in Maryland and I will always be a Baltimore Ravens fan when it comes to football, but since my boyfriend is a New York Giants fan I’ll also root for them—as long as they’re not playing the Ravens.

How I will miss my son when he goes off to Rutgers this fall. For years, sports has been the glue that has provided us endless mother-son bonding moments (this from a woman who knew virtually nothing about sports until giving birth to her jock tot). Sunday afternoons in the winter are for football (and baking brownies); hot summer weeknights are filled with the thwack of a baseball bat, and fall right through spring is basketball—and lots of it.

If you’ve never heard of roller derby, get ready to learn about your new favorite sport. New York City’s league Gotham Girls Roller Derby includes four teams: Bronx Gridlock, Manhattan Mayhem, Queens of Pain and Brooklyn Bombshells.

In all the time I’ve lived in Upper Manhattan, I’ve wanted to go to a Columbia Lions football game at their 218th Street stadium, but never remembered when football season came around. This year, I made it a point to go and was glad I did. The game I attended, against the Fordham Rams, started at noon, but most fans got to the area over an hour earlier to start tailgating.

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