The Ling Spa in Union Square is a delightful contrast to its environs. Outside, the area is bustling. Inside, the Asian-inspired spa offers a peaceful haven.

Housed in small, elegant spot on E. 57th Street, Federico Hair & Spa is an impressive salon that offers a wide array of hair services, all helmed by Federico Calce

If there’s a neurological condition I wouldn’t mind being struck with, it’s synesthesia—a phenomenon that involves an involuntary mixing of the senses. Imagine: tasting colors, visualizing sounds, seeing the alphabet represented by different colors, among other cross-sensory episodes.

Plasmalite? In the ever-expanding world of anti-aging nomenclature, I was stumped on that one. So when I was recently invited to try this new anti-aging laser treatment, a European procedure recently approved by the FDA, I was, of course intrigued. Boutique Body + is located on the Upper East Side, in a small building wedged between two others on bustling Lexington Ave. Not the typical salon—you press a buzzer and then walk up a flight of stairs to get to the spa, with no sleek shop window to lure you in—I wasn’t sure what to expect.

When it comes to regular grooming, a trip to the hair and nail salon seems to be pretty standard. A mani-pedi makes for a quick, relaxing post-office treat, while a trim and blowout are non-negotiable.

In the 1940s and ‘50s, dermatologist Erno Laszlo kept the complexions of movie stars like Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe camera-ready from his exclusive clinic in midtown Manhattan. In the mid-1960s, he went public, so to speak, with a skin-care product line to be carried in tony department stores.

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