Girlfriends toasting (Courtesy The Lure Group)

When looking for a great place to relax, take your friends to The Lure Group's restaurants, lounges and other must-visit establishments.

Blue whale (Courtesy American Museum of Natural History)

Dreary weather will not stop NYC from living life! Here are some ideas for when it's pouring in the Big Apple...

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When picking one dish is just too darn hard, get the buffet option at these NYC restaurants.

An affordable Italian gem is resurrected in the East Village.

Tonight: head to the Taste of Times Square, an outdoor food festival featuring 40 Midtown restaurants like Carmine's, Junior's and Bareburger.

Garden Café, The Park View and Inwood Local are three of my favorite Inwood restaurants. Not surprisingly, the trio of eateries is owned by the same family. Despite this similarity, these restaurants offer distinctly unique features.

I have to admit: the idea of shlepping up to West Harlem to check out a new restaurant called Riverbank Grill in Riverbank State Park was not my idea of an effortless Tue

Corny as it sounds, I love the idea of a 24-hour restaurant in the city that never sleeps. It’s kind of like having the Statue of Liberty on the island: I may not visit often, but it’s so nice to know that it’s there. French Roast has been around as long as I can remember: when I first started in publishing over 20 years ago, I remember stopping by the West Village French Roast bar for a cabernet and conversation with, oh, about 25 of my closest friends.

Having made plans to get together with an old friend who lives on East 17th Street, I was scratching my head trying to find some unique spot to meet at in his neighborhood. I knew I wanted some good wine, and I am an impossibly picky wine drinker. All my close friends by now know the mantra: the wine has to be a full-bodied, oaky, buttery white, a touch fruity without being sweet, just something that really wakes up my palate.


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