Murray Hill

The popular “Curry Hill” restaurant Desi Galli's new outpost brings Indian street food to the East Village.

This Murray Hill eatery offers something for everyone.

Sure, you can have a mojito or margarita any time of year, but there’s just something about summer that places these warm-weather cocktails at the top of the list.

New York City isn’t known for being cheap. NYC foodies have chowed down on $240 sushi. Now, Beer & Buns boasts a gourmet burger with a $250 price tag.

. . . to like Kosher food. It's often fresher, the ingredients better quality. So when a new Kosher restaurant opened up in my Murray Hill neighborhood, what's a girl to do?

Three centuries after they occupied Revolutionary War-era NYC, the Brits are back, happily in a more hospitable fashion. A new English-style gastropub has popped up in the residential neighborhood of Murray Hill (named for the Murray family, which owned a large farm in the area 300 years ago; legend has it that, during the Revolution, Mrs. Murray and her daughters entertained the Redcoats so long and so well, it gave Gen. George Washington's army a chance to sneak out of the city and escape capture. But I digress.

By some strange alignment of the stars, culinary trends and real estate, my sweet little neighborhood of Murray Hill—the East 30s—has become a hotbed of hamburger joints, with five within, roughly, a five-block radius (and that’s not counting general places, diners and such, that also do a good patty). In approximately ascending order of fanciness.

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