Metropolitan Museum of Art

Discover the history of fashion and its ties to mankind's social and political evolution with The Shady Ladies Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met Breuer opens this weekend, March 18–20, with public events, extended hours and an exhibition for the ages.

Veteran concierge Harald Mootz, of The St. Regis New York, shares his top picks for bird’s-eye-view venues.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is arguably the most anticipated exhibition of the spring season.

Some very cool lectures will be presented around the city over the next few days for you to have an earful.

Call it serendipity: Two West Coast artists, Ken Price and Llyn Foulkes, receive their first solo New York museum retrospectives this month. Both have flown under the New York radar. Until now. They couldn’t be more different. Price brings a smile to the face; Foulkes whacks you in the solar plexus.

I was recently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, viewing a show of Civil War Photography, which I found to be a very sobering experience. The photography really brought to light the drama of this, the first major war every recorded through the photograph. Young men (18 years old!) staring solemnly into the camera, in full military gear; injured men, with amputations and gun shot wounds, baring their scars of war for the photographic record; scenes of destruction throughout the North and the South; and so much more.

I remember being told to color within the lines when I was a child. The command was spoken with regard to an actual coloring book, but I expect my preschool teacher also meant the phrase to apply to life at large. You know—because four-year-olds are so good with metaphors. Shortly thereafter, however, I remember looking past my mother’s elbow (being too short to look over her shoulder) while she was painting.

I’ve always considered fashion an art form. So it’s a thrill to see Serious Cultural Institutions sharing my view–as the Metropolitan Museum of Art is doing with its current Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity exhibition. Covering the mid-1860s to the mid-1880s, “when Paris emerged as the style capital of the world”, as the Met’s catalog puts it, the show is devoted to the interplay between the purveyors of fine art (the Impressionists) and those of decorative arts (couturiers and clothing designers like Charles Worth, just emerging as name celebrities at the time).

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