Joni Sweet

Toronto-based BITE Beauty prides itself on its line of lip care products that are safe enough to eat. What the company launched as a pop-up shop last spring is now a permanent laboratory in SoHo, helping women (and even some men!) create one-of-a-kind lipsticks in 15 minutes. Could all-natural ingredients really offer the high-power pigment I crave? Wearing a lab coat, makeup artist Brooklyn McLain, who helps run the lab, guided me through the process of creating a stunning shade of scarlet that stands up to all-night wear. He offers IN New York readers five tips to mastering the art of customizing lipsticks.

There’s something about being in an airport that makes me feel both overdressed and underdressed at the same time. On the one hand, you see the breed of towering, beautiful women strutting by in their six-inch Laboutin heels, impossibly slim trousers and more jewelry than I own (how they make it through metal-sensitive security checkpoints, I’ll never know). The opposite side of the spectrum consists of those who threw on sweatpants, a baggy T-shirt and flip-flops (even if it’s snowing out)—an outfit I might clean my house in. What globe-trotting women choose to wear showcases their values when it comes to clothing—unbeatable comfort, flawless style or something else entirely—which is why I try combine a mix of chic, layered garments with comfortable shoes.


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