Hasted Kraeutler

So here is how it happened. I was strolling through the office, on my way to the coffee maker (for, say the 8th time that day: hello, my name is Lois and I am a caffeine-aholic), when I came across a gorgeous coffee table book sitting on the desk of one of my co-workers called Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt, the third book in the photographers’ trilogy on the wildlife of Africa. I stopped, immediately moved by the cover image of an African ranger, kneeling, almost prayerlike, holding the tusks of a killed elephant. I started flipping through page after page of dramatic and beautiful images of East African wildlife, soulful-eyed elephants, a regal lioness, a curious-looking baboon.

The Manhattan neighborhood Chelsea is an enclave of beautifully manicured townhouses, rowhouses and independent shops. When you walk further west in this popular community, you will find a large concentration of some of the world’s most renowned art galleries.

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