My hair needed some sort of pick-me-up, and it appeared that Fox & Jane was the salon flavor-of-the-month.

Housed in small, elegant spot on E. 57th Street, Federico Hair & Spa is an impressive salon that offers a wide array of hair services, all helmed by Federico Calce

Fashion-forward femmes have ventured to stylists Pierre Ouaknine and Michel Obadia’s Upper East Side space in search of new styles for decades.

I’m proud to say that this lifelong brunette now boasts sassy, coppery strands, courtesy of celebrity colorist Rick Wellman. I stopped by to see the co-owner of the Patrick Melville Salon in Rockefeller Center last Friday, who seemed excited when I requested a fiery new look.

A deep conditioning treatment for the hair, just before winter’s winds blow their cold, dry wrath on my tresses, sounded like a good idea. So I bundled up on this frigid November day and headed up to 66th Street off Madison Ave., on a street filled with lovely brownstones and canopied apartment buildings, to the Ricardo Rojas Atelier salon. Mystified (I saw no shop sign), I came across a small building with an apartment buzzer block, with the salon name next to 5B.

I recently had the good fortune to experience the Cutler Salon for some midday beautifying.

Being that I always ask for extra ginger with my sushi, how could I resist the invite to get a Wakaya ginger scalp treatment at the Patrick Melville Salon in Rockefeller Center? The salon is bustling at midday yet not overly noisy: plush chocolate-brown leather chairs at the styling and heating stations, and stainless steel counters, along with black-and-portraits of stunning models lend a contemporary, glamorous feel to the place.

Hot sun, humidity, swimming pool chlorine—no question, summer can be tough on hair and scalp. They take hair care seriously at the Philip Kingsley Clinic, which is no mere hair salon (in fact, they don’t do styling there at all), but a trichological treatment center (tri·chol·o·gy /trih-kol-uh-jee/:the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp).

Usually when I get my hair cut, I pick the cheapest option I can find and end up hating the cut after. Recently, when I realized I needed to chop off a few inches for the warmer months, I decided to splurge a little and found a Groupon deal for Blondi’s Hair Salon instead.

Sometimes, a woman simply needs to defrizz. And so that was my thinking when I recently walked into the Sahag workshop on Madison Avenue on a warm, muggy day. The aim: have a keratin express treatment and walk back out, sleek, shiny and fearless of of any future humidity.

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