fried chicken

Chicken & Waffles at Sweet Chick (©Lani Lee)

September is National Chicken Month. I know how I’ll be celebrating…

Leave NYC with a fried chicken recipe, the memory of a great meal, and the satisfaction of having given to a good cause.

I don't want my chicken to cluck. Rather, I want it to sizzle. Sizzle-sizzle-pop as those meaty legs and juicy, white breasts are dropped in boiling oil, after being dipped in batter and spiced. I want my chicken to sing to me—songs of indulgent pleasure and carefree calorie consumption. I want my chicken to be good. Good 'n' tasty. And it was on a Sunday afternoon, hazy from a wild weekend, that I needed some fried delight to resuscitate a groggy mind.

One of the best things about working in New York City is always being in relatively close proximity to a famed restaurant. Luckily, my office is right down the street from one of the city’s most popular fried chicken joints, Hill Country Chicken—an offshoot of the nearby barbecue restaurant, Hill Country.

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