I’m all for targeted treatments when it comes to skin care. But if general body blows like stress and fatigue can affect the complexion, it stands to reason that treating them can help the face, too. That’s the guiding light behind a new service at Ling Skin Care, a day spa in its third decade on Union Square—a leisurely 90-to-120 minute combo experience, part-massage, part-facial, entirely rejuvenating.

When it comes to regular grooming, a trip to the hair and nail salon seems to be pretty standard. A mani-pedi makes for a quick, relaxing post-office treat, while a trim and blowout are non-negotiable.

Though best-known for beating bushy brows into shape, B London in Henri Bendel also beckons busy gals and guys with an Express Rose Facial Treatment guaranteed to get skin glowing in 20 minutes. Yes, the treatment is done out in the open of Bendel's bustling ground floor, but since B London's stand is set back, under the store's staircase, there is some sense of privacy.

The venerable Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, long a fixture on Fifth Avenue, has recently opened a subterranean branch in the Theater District’s Chatwal hotel—perfectly situated for some pre- or post-matinee pampering. After donning a plush terry robe in a private dressing room, visitors can swim in a saltwater pool, relax under a massage therapist’s stress-melting touch, and/or experience an epidermis-enhancing treatment.

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