Hot sun, humidity, swimming pool chlorine—no question, summer can be tough on hair and scalp. They take hair care seriously at the Philip Kingsley Clinic, which is no mere hair salon (in fact, they don’t do styling there at all), but a trichological treatment center (tri·chol·o·gy /trih-kol-uh-jee/:the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp).

The beauty industry sells hope in a jar, Revlon founder Charles Revson once famously said. The folks at Elizabeth Arden—for years, Revlon’s great rival—have gone him one better. They’re selling a spa in a bottle. Their new skincare line, Red Door Spa Professional, duplicates (or at imitates) the various treatments offered by Arden's famed Red Door Spas.

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