contemporary art

Contemporary art. It's convention-defying, tradition-shattering, rule-breaking and, if nothing else, bold. PULSE Art Fair, the annual art extravaganza which hit Manhattan's Metropolitan Pavilion on May 9-12, had it all: the weird, the fun, the freaky and the thought-provoking. A variety of mediums were represented, from photography to sculpture to paintings. Many of the pieces, I found, fell into the things-I-wish-I-could-furnish-my-apartment-with-but-can't-afford-to category (primarily because I'm not an idle multi-millionaire, but maybe one day...).

White Box is an interesting art gallery in the Lower East Side. Not just dedicated to contemporary art, the small raw space serves as a multipurpose venue where visitors can see everything from video art, to performance pieces and even fashion shows.

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