The esteemed clothier opens the Red Fleece Café in its Flatiron location, serving up cups of Joe to Slim Jims and Caffeine Cathys.

Irving Farm (©Gracie Pizzo)

(Even though every day is Coffee Day for a lot of people…)

The New York Hilton Midtown is redefining lattes. Try one free on Sept. 29!

When I discovered there was a freestanding Nespresso store AND cafe in NYC, I had to investigate.

Lately, I have taken a great interest in food trends, much the way I imagine Anna Wintour avidly follows hemlines for Vogue.

Wandering Bear Coffee Company fills eco-friendly boxes with smooth, slightly nutty coffee that beats what’s on offer at many local shops.

There may be piles of snow outside, but inside these cozy NYC coffee shops you can keep warm with a hot beverage.

A good cup of Joe is not easy to come by, but at Cafe El Presidente, I was wowed by a rich mug of dark roast coffee.

You don't have to travel to the Louvre to see da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." A perfectly good forgery is hanging in a SoHo café.

Midtown East is doesn’t offer much in the way of lunch spots, but there is at least one hidden gem: Little Collins, a café on Lexington Avenue.


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