A few weeks ago, I got to see a thrilling performance of FORCES by STREB, a show that combines dance and acrobatics with death-defying stunts. Choreographer Elizabeth Streb created this amazing show, which runs through December 22nd at Williamsburg’s SLAM. Her company of dancers, STREB, performs what she calls PopAction: a combination of dance, circus acts and stunts.

It takes me over an hour by subway to get to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but it’s worth it for a trip to Bliss Grand. Like the name implies, Bliss serves blissfully delicious food—all of which is vegan and made without preservatives, chemicals or refined sugars. They also offer plenty of gluten free options.

You can find hot dogs all over the city, from street vendors to baseball stadiums. But if you want a more creative dog, head to Park Slope’s Bark.

Saul at The Brooklyn Museum

It's only natural to follow up an afternoon of fine art with an evening of fine dining. With the recent relocation of Saul—a Park Slope restaurant staple that has just found a new, more artsy abode at The Brooklyn Museum—doing so just got a bit easier.

International denim brand Mavi has been known for years for their high quality jeans.

Now in its second year, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center continues to impress crowds with a lineup of popular music, Brooklyn Nets basketball games and other activities.

I don't want my chicken to cluck. Rather, I want it to sizzle. Sizzle-sizzle-pop as those meaty legs and juicy, white breasts are dropped in boiling oil, after being dipped in batter and spiced. I want my chicken to sing to me—songs of indulgent pleasure and carefree calorie consumption. I want my chicken to be good. Good 'n' tasty. And it was on a Sunday afternoon, hazy from a wild weekend, that I needed some fried delight to resuscitate a groggy mind.

Some people snap their fingers. Many manicure them. Others crack 'em. At Dinosaur Bar-B-Cue, you'll have no choice but to lick yours clean. The mavens of south-of-the-Mason-Dixie-Line cuisine have opened a location in Park Slope, and it's worth squealing about.

Summer in the city... sometimes means you need a little escape. But when you can't get out of the town, don't forget that we are already quite near the sea. In fact, down in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the neighborhood feels like a veritable beach community, especially at Brooklyn Crab, a massive outdoor seafood palace serving up four kinds of steamed or boiled crabs that go ever so nicely with the frothy drinks on tap and jovial vibes.

After seven years of living in this metropolis, I am still surprised by the sheer amount of creativity bar and restaurant owners put into their establishments—from high-tech gadgetry, like menus on iPads, to booze served in teacups and era-themed watering holes.


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