Wings (Courtesy Hooters)

Basketball. Beer. Burgers. Nachos. Wings. More basketball. March Madness begins Tuesday, March 14. Are you ready??

(Courtesy NBA Store)

From great gear to the latest NBA info, the NBA Store has got you covered.

What better time than March Madness to meet a basketball star?

Chocolate Basketball Macarons

So you’re not a sports fan in this month of basketball March Madness? You can get your sweet revenge over at Financier Patisserie.

Now in its second year, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center continues to impress crowds with a lineup of popular music, Brooklyn Nets basketball games and other activities.

How I will miss my son when he goes off to Rutgers this fall. For years, sports has been the glue that has provided us endless mother-son bonding moments (this from a woman who knew virtually nothing about sports until giving birth to her jock tot). Sunday afternoons in the winter are for football (and baking brownies); hot summer weeknights are filled with the thwack of a baseball bat, and fall right through spring is basketball—and lots of it.

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