(Courtesy minus5° Ice Bar)

This NYC summer is already bonkers hot. Beat the heat at minus5° Ice Bar.

A small beach hamlet on Long Island serves as inspiration for both the name and chilled-out atmosphere of Lazy Point, a recently opened bar on Spring St.

My college friends and I may have been sipping out of dainty glass mugs, but this was no tea party—the punch certainly had us ready to dance by the last glass.

The Colonies may have declared independence from Great Britain in 1776, but the Union Jack still waves over a small, cozy drinking establishment in the Flatiron District.

Tucked away below street-level in Greenwich Village, Zinc Bar offers a candlelit spot to consume cocktails and enjoy nightly performances by a variety of jazz musicians. The low-ceilinged bar also plays jazz tunes throughout the night, but if you head to the back of the space, you can see a live show as well.

On the hottest days in the city, many flock to the outdoor tables that line the streets on every block of the happening neighborhoods. Others descend to subterranean speakeasies with drinks called Rum Swizzles filled to the brim with crushed ice, a whole blackberry and mint sprig to top it off. I fall into the latter category, or at least I did on the first day of our heat wave, when I near desperately fled down the flight of stairs and into the dark, cool bar, Little Branch. Located in the West Village, the bar is unassuming to passersby.

At the end of a long week, the body and mind belong in a happy shavasana—or fetal position, whichever you prefer—under a fluffy down comforter for some well-deserved rest. Instead, I ended up at a sweaty dance club, which perhaps was the most natural and needed antithesis to my truer instincts.

Ever start to get a little hungry after a few drinks? Lulu’s in Greenpoint understands this phenomenon and offers a free personal pizza with each drink (more than $3) you order. Pizzas come plain, but toppings only cost a dollar extra.

Inwood’s Piper’s Kilt is my home, more so than any apartment I’ve ever had. It’s been there for me since my first week in New York when I was a college freshman and my cousin brought me to the Kilt (as its known among the locals) where I met a slew of neighbors and had the most delicious hamburger I’ve ever eaten, known as the “Best Burger in Town.”


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