Andy Warhol

"The Cat in the Hat" from "The Secret Work of Dr. Seuss" (©Pop International)

Newly relocated, this Pop Art haven is the place to go to add to (or start!) your collection.

10 must-see modern and contemporary drawings from The Morgan Library & Museum's new exhibition, on view thru May 24

Paul Kasmin Gallery's current exhibition is like a mid-century time machine.

Andy Warhol (1927-1968) was born to put the cat among the pigeons. And in 1964 he did it BIG time, causing a scandal at the New York World’s Fair.

Everyone harbors a touch of Peeping Tom deep within. Whenever you steal a glance at that distracted yet desirable subway rider across the platform or gaze out from the hotel balcony onto the gallery of illuminated NYC windows, open and glowing like portals into strangers' personal lives (this is your cue to rise from your seat and go close the blinds), that's Tom rearing his big, fat head.

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