Analogue Bar Offers a Delicious Escape From the Digital World

Analogue Bar Offers a Delicious Escape From the Digital World

When I first moved to NYC, I spent a lot of time in Greenwich Village—but as a non-New Yorker—I pronounced it “Green-Witch” and was immediately laughed at mercilessly. Don’t make that mistake, it’s pronounced “Gren-itch.” Trust me on this. Greenwich Village has the prestigious New York University nearby, so there are a ton of music majors playing all styles of music everywhere from Washington Square Park to a great little jazz bar I frequent called Smalls.  Greenwich Village or “The Village” for short, can sometimes feel like a college town in some areas but there are plenty of “grown and sexy” establishments to discover.

Analogue Interior (©Asia Coladner)

For example, I was invited to check out Analogue, a 70-seat craft cocktail bar located just a few blocks from Washington Square Park. Its name couldn’t be more perfect. The dimly-lit space has vintage leather seating and banquettes, an abundance wood finishes from textured wood flooring to a wooden industrial-style bar,  jazz records playing over a vintage Hi-Fi setup and black and white photos of music legends including David Bowe, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis hanging on the walls. I love the idea that it offers an escape from the digital world we live in— transporting you back to a simpler bygone era.

On to the food and drinks. The menu has a great variety with a few standouts like the Asian pork belly tacos with flour tortillas, pineapple/cucumber salsa, coriander crema, and the Bianca pizza, a white pizza filled with sausage, cheese and an egg yolk for that saucy, creamy factor. They also have more substantial menu options like grilled octopus and chicken skewers if you're hungry.  In my opinion, the cocktails are the Insta-worthy stars here. The Fall Grievances with Vodka, Griffard Pamplemousse (grapefruit liqueur), Ancho Verde, rhubarb bitters, fresh ginger and lime juice was refreshing as well as spicy.


Analogue Cocktails (©Asia Coladner)

Tequila’s smoky cousin Mezcal (my Achilles heel) drew me to the Guernica cocktail but the other ingredients: Tequila, vanilla syrup, peppercorn tincture and cayenne salt, gave me pause. The super-informative head bartender and “dad jokes” connoisseur Tre, assured me that this one was not to be missed. Let me tell you—If this drink is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Every ingredient shines without elbowing one another—each sip wowed my palate.


If you’re in Greenwich Village, stop into Analogue. They’re open seven days a week, the staff is friendly, the vibe is relaxed and it features weekly live music performances (with no cover!) and a number of in-house events. Check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.


>>Analogue, 19 W. Eighth St., 212.432.0200



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