One Table, 12 Friends and a 30-Pound Hog

One Table, 12 Friends and a 30-Pound Hog


Friendsgiving Feasting at Treadwell Park (Courtesy Merchants Hospitality)

           Recently, a new term has entered the lexicon, putting a twist on the famous November feast that started with the Pilgrims: "Friendsgiving"—otherwise known as a celebration of friendship, and usually beer. The brew-loving folks at Treadwell Park have decided to create that type of celebration at their beer hall and restaurant year-round, curating a Friendsgiving-style dinner that feeds up to 12 people at one of their signature long wooden tables with a family-style meal, the Whole Hog Dinner.

          Twelve hungry diners can now savor an entire slow-cooked, locally sourced 30-pound smoked and roasted fossil farm raised hog, served alongside giant soft pretzels with Liptauer cheese, mac 'n' cheese, grilled Mexican street corn, seasoned grilled vegetables, jalapeño cheese cornbread, creamy and spicy cole slaw and homemade pickles. For everyone at the table to wash down all the grub, Treadwell Park is including St. Feuillien Tripel-La Roeulx, an 8.5% ABV champagne-like pale amber beer, as well as Melt ice cream sandwiches to round out the meal soundly. It'll be just like November, except there will be a hog on the table rather than a turkey, and it will taste much better than what you prepared for Friendsgiving in college when you couldn't make it home. Your beer at Treadwell Park—an award-winning Belgian Tripel—might happen to taste better than the non-award-winning Natural Light, or its latter-half-of-undergraduate successors, Bud Light and Michelob Ultra.

           So gather up your peeps and let the good times roll. The dinner described above, including one 9L (2.4 gallons!) bottle of St. Feuillien Tripel, costs $1,000 (less than $85 per person for a party of 12), plus taxes and gratuities. Reservations should be made one week in advance, which should give you plenty of time to wean out the flakes in your friends group. Happy feasting!

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