Two Forks, Two Clean Plates

Two Forks, Two Clean Plates

Two Forks (courtesy Two Forks)

Now this is a trend I can get behind. While the kale thing was never my thing (please go back to being a garnish), and every place seems to be "farm-to-table," these days, a simple, new, spotless, health-oriented casual eatery in Midtown has me all excited about new lunch options near the office. The approach here at Two Forks is slow cooking, seasonal items, hand-cut slaws, global flavors (like the buffalo sauce, which is meshed with harissa, a north African spice blend) and an emphasis on "buns" and "bowls." Buns, for example (soft potato buns that are toasted), run the gamut from "The Hot Chick,” (which includes pulled chicken with harissa buffalo sauce, celery root and parsnips), or “The Moo Pork,” which offers pulled beef with horseradish chive sauce and roasted cabbage. While there is a good selection of bowls to choose from, “Build Your Own,” is my favorite. On this particular Wednesday, I created a bowl with spinach and jasmine rice, Leidy’s pork, spaghetti squash, tzatziki and blue cheese; my colleague indulged in jasmine rice, greens, roasted peppers and Murray’s chicken, and a side slaw of cabbage, celery root, parsnip and blue cheese. Both were generous-sized portions, with big flavors that somehow did not bump into each other. For easier decision-making, dishes are denoted as dairy-free, gluten-free and spicy.

» Two Forks, 119 W. 40th St., 646.755.8191

Two Forks

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