Anton Kern Gallery Displays Erik Van Lieshout’s "I Am In Heaven"

Anton Kern Gallery Displays Erik Van Lieshout’s "I Am In Heaven"

Entering the tunnel that leads to Van Lieshout’s screening room (Courtesy the artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York)

Now through February 28th, Anton Kern Gallery will display works by Erik Van Lieshout as well as his film WORK as part of the exhibition “I Am In Heaven.” Immediately upon entering the gallery, on a recent visit, I was welcomed into a cavernous tunnel, with a few twists and turns, leading to a projection room that plays Van Lieshout’s 80-minute film five times a day. Outside the room, I found a few other artworks: collages and charcoal drawings, sketched with fervor and angry, hurried lines. The scenes in these pieces depict protests, matching the frustration apparent in the art.

The tunnel itself was my personal favorite part because I love art that I can experience in a more three dimensional way. It reminded me of Richard Serra’s maze-like steel sculptures, which I’ve had the pleasure of walking through on two occasions. Van Lieshout’s installation, however, seems be less about how the structure looks and more how it functions. The construction looks hasty like the rushed lines of his charcoal drawings. The point seems to be just creating a dark space for viewing his film.

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