Night Spots

Night Spots

The After-Dark Scene
Anthony Caccamo/

Behind Locked Doors

If pop culture is any indicator, the only people who step foot in high-security vaults are bankers and bandits. At Lower Manhattan’s Trinity Place, you get to sip classy cocktails in a historic money hideaway—without the risk of setting off any alarms. You won’t clash with the fuzz, but you’ll likely leave with a buzz. | Trinity Place, 115 Broadway, 212.964.0939

Atsushi Tomioka

Sangria With a Side of Flamenco

Two of Spain’s finest cultural exports converge at TriBeCa’s Tablao: sangria and flamenco dancing. The fruity wine drink comes in three variations—red, white and cava (a bubbly twist on the staple)—and is sipped from oversize goblets, apples floating in the drunken sea like lost remnants of the Spanish Armada. Live folk performers stomp on a small wooden stage (Wed. & Fri., 7-10 p.m.), as a matador, posing in his ceremonial best in a nearby portrait, surveys the electric dining room (with a feel more Euro discotheque than Old Spain). Add tapas to the mix, and todo está perfecto.  |  Tablao, 361 Greenwich St., 212.334.4043

Meatballs and ... Cocktails?

The Meatball Shop makes good meatballs. We already knew that. But it’s started the (meat)ball rolling on a new boozy venture: Underballs. The newest Chelsea location of the popular NYC chain comes equipped with a subterranean bar, serving a special menu of the scrumptious namesake orbs (think: bratwurst blend in a beer-infused mustard sauce) with locavore cocktails (Moscow Mule with Brooklyn Republic vodka) and “shop specialties” (care for a whiskey float?). Ball-tastic.  |  Underballs at The Meatball Shop, 200 Ninth Ave., 212.257.4363