New York Giants

The football Giants, 2012 Super Bowl champions, play home games at state-of-the-art MetLife Stadium. The 2018 preseason games are in August, while the regular season gets underway in September.

2018 preseason home games:

Aug. 9: Cleveland Browns

Aug. 30: New England Patriots

Regular 2018 season:

Sept. 9: Jacksonville Jaguars

Sept. 30: New Orleans Saints

Oct. 11: Philadelphia Eagles

Oct. 28: Washington Redskins

New York Islanders

The National Hockey League franchise, founded in 1972, plays its 2018-2019 home games at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

2018-2019 preseason highlights:

Sept. 18: Philadelphia Flyers

Sept. 20: New Jersey Devils

2018-2019 regular season highlights:

Oct. 6: Nashville Predators

Oct. 8: San Jose Sharks

Oct. 24: Florida Panthers

Oct. 24: Arizona Coyotes

Oct. 30: Vegas Golden Knights

New York Jets

New York’s Men in Green tackle the opposition on their home turf during the 2018 NFL pro-football season. Preseason kickoff is in August.

2018 preseason home games:

Aug. 10: Atlanta Falcons

Aug. 24: New York Giants

2018 regular season home games:

Sept. 16: Miami Dolphins

Oct. 7: Denver Broncos

Oct. 14: Indianapolis Colts

Oct. 21: Minnesota Vikings

Nov. 11: Buffalo Bills

New York Knicks

The Knicks’ 2018-2019 home campaign is on the ball.

Preseason highlights:

Oct. 5: New Orleans Pelicans

Oct. 8: Washington Wizards

Oct. 12: Brooklyn Nets

Regular season highlights:

Oct. 17: Atlanta Hawks

Oct. 20: Boston Celtics

Oct. 26: Golden State Warriors

Oct. 29: Brooklyn Nets

Oct. 31: Indiana Pacers

Nov. 5: Chicago Bulls

New York Mets

The Amazin’ Mets chase the National League pennant in their 2019 home-game season.

April 4, 6-7, 2019: Washington Nationals

April 9-10: Minnesota Twins

April 22-24: Philadelphia Phillies

April 26-27: Milwaukee Brewers

April 29-30, May 1-2: Washington Nationals

May 10-12: Miami Marlins

May 20-23: Washington Nationals

May 24-26: Detroit Tigers

June 4-6: San Francisco Giants

New York Philharmonic

The 2018-2019 season is a momentous one, as New York’s preeminent orchestra welcomes Jaap van Zweden as its new Music Director.


Sept. 12-13: The Art of the Score: “There Will Be Blood,” Jonny Greenwood’s score performed live to the complete film

Sept. 14-15: The Art of the Score: “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the score performed live to the complete film

Sept. 20: Jaap van Zweden conducts the Opening-night Gala Concert, “New York, Meet Jaap”

New York Rangers

New York’s professional hockey team takes to its home ice at Madison Square Garden during the 2018-2019 season. 

Preseason home games:

Sept. 19: Philadelphia Flyers

Sept. 24: New Jersey Devils

Sept. 26: New York Islanders

2018-2019 regular season:

Oct. 4: Nashville Predators

Oct. 11: San Jose Sharks

Oct. 13: Edmonton Oilers

Oct. 16: Colorado Avalanche

Oct. 21: Calgary Flames

New York Sports Tours

New York Sports Tours’ “New York Game Changers” sports history experience is a luxury tour ride through midtown Manhattan. Guests will be immersed in entertaining, educational stories of how sports-related people, places and events in New York from 1776 to the present have helped shape culture and society in the city, nation and beyond. An English-speaking sports expert leads the tour. Information is also shared through more than 30 exclusive mini-documentaries that play during the ride. Many tours include the option of a meal at Keens Steakhouse hosted by a noted sports figure.

New York Yankees

The Bronx Bombers take on the competition in the 2019 home-game season. 

March 28, 30-31: Baltimore Orioles

April 1-3: Detroit Tigers

April 12-14: Chicago White Sox

April 16-17: Boston Red Sox

April 18-21: Kansas City Royals

May 3-5: Minnesota Twins

May 6-9: Seattle Mariners

May 13-15: Baltimore Orioles

May 17-19: Tampa Bay Rays

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Providing a stage for writers, hip-hop and Latin Jazz musicians, minority artists and a diverse range of talents, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe is an award-winning venue with a calendar chock-full of concerts, open mics, poetry slams and other events. 


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