A Kaleidoscope of Color at EDEN Fine Art

A Kaleidoscope of Color at EDEN Fine Art

There are several reasons why EDEN Fine Art is different from the bulk of the galleries that pepper the Manhattan landscape, but two top the list: It’s not located in Chelsea or any of the other downtown enclaves that have recently emerged as major art contenders. Second, it is not tucked away behind a thick layer of frosted glass, with an almost-too-subtle sign indicating its existence. Instead, the large gallery has a prominent place on Madison Avenue in Midtown East, and, I knew of the venue long before I ever visited, thanks to a large golden-hued sign that reads “EDEN Fine Art” and floor-to-ceiling storefront windows that allow passersby to see the destination’s colorful offerings from the bustling Manhattan street.

Earlier this week I visited the gallery, which also has locations throughout the world, and got a chance to speak with Gallery Director Amos Frajnd.While sitting in a room on the second floor of the two-story space—which could easily be described as someone’s colorful, yet fashionable, living room, surrounded by vivid hues of reds, magentas, blues, greens and more, which are prominent colors in large sculptures, photographs and artworks by the gallery’s international roster of artists—Frajnd told me more about the gallery, saying “not everything can be defined as ‘Pop Art,’ so I like to refer to our works as ‘Happy Pop Art’”—offering the explanation that people are usually buying art for their own space (be it home or office) and the whimsical works, which easily evoke the feeling of happiness, rests in the background and “the background of your life should be happy.”

At the moment, art enthusiasts can view—and buy—works from several artists represented by the gallery, with standouts including Brazilian artist Romero Britto, whose dynamic works fuse influences from Cubism and Pop Art, resulting in vibrant artwork, such as “Love Always Circles,” a wall piece that has a graffiti-like feel; Boston-born David Kracov, whose background as an illustrator for feature films seems to influence his lively sculptures, including “Gift of Life,” which sees butterflies emerge from a gift-wrapped box; and Israeli artist Dorit Levinstein, whose unique sculptures derive their volume from a continuous virtuosic line alluding to human figures, animals, flowers and objects.

This Fourth of July weekend, July 3 and 4, Levinstein’s art will take its place in the spotlight when her depiction of the Statue of Liberty will grace the front of the gallery, with curious minds encouraged to take a picture with the large-scale piece and post their Lady Liberty selfies to social media. Inside the space, visitors will be greeted with refreshments.

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