Getting A Lift

Getting A Lift

I’m all for targeted treatments when it comes to skin care. But if general body blows like stress and fatigue can affect the complexion, it stands to reason that treating them can help the face, too. That’s the guiding light behind a new service at Ling Skin Care, a day spa in its third decade on Union Square—a leisurely 90-to-120 minute combo experience, part-massage, part-facial, entirely rejuvenating.

Within the Chinese-themed treatment room, it begins with about a half-hour of heat therapy applied using a tourmaline-infused wand, on the back, neck shoulders (and anywhere else you like) the gemstone generates a weak electric current which, Chinese therapists feel, helps unblock the body’s meridian channels, and let ‘chi’ (energy) flow. Certainly, muscle knots and tension dissolve.

 Then comes the facial—a cleansing and the application of three—count ‘em, three—different peels, followed by an extremely thorough extraction of those white- and blackheads. Spa owner Ling Chan is big on getting the face pristine, her reasoning being that all the potions, lotions and creams in the world don’t do much good if blocked pores keep them from penetrating the skin. There are several masks applied, and your face gets its own little massage, with mini-jade rollers.

 Ling is also keen on educating clients about caring for their skin on their own; naturally, the spa has its own product line, but she’ll discuss how to use the products you already have, too. Although I only spent two hours there, I emerged onto the busy square feeling as if I’d experienced an entire “Day of Beauty.”

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