Get the Foxy Look at Fox & Jane

Get the Foxy Look at Fox & Jane

OK, my curiousity had been sufficiently aroused: a close friend who lives on the Lower East Side met me for dinner the other night sporting a chic, sophisticated new 'do, a sharp, clean cut that really flattered her heart-shaped face, her hair a rich, shiny chocolate brown. She told me she had visited a salon named Fox &  Jane, a place she had decided on after some in-depth online research, since it appeared to exude both an urban-cool vibe AND affordability  (the two rarely co-exist in this town). Then, coincidentally, a few days later, my shopping/beauty editor mentioned Fox & Jane in conversation, stating emphatically that it was the ONLY salon she now goes to in the city to get her hair cut and styled. 

So, at this point it was a no-brainer. My hair needed some sort of pick-me-up, and it appeared that Fox & Jane was the salon flavor-of-the-month. I made the appointment at the Lower East Side branch of this San Diego-born salon and headed Downtown.

I opted for the Lower East Side location (the store has six locations in total, including two others in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn, one in Colorado Springs and the aforementioned original in San Diego). I loved the "New Yorky" quirkiness of the store, housed in a narrow Orchard Street building that used to be an apartment, with its clunky metal steps and a landing, great for stoop-sitting and street-watching in the summer. The treatment I choose was an Olalplex, a "bond multiplier” product that promises to limit damage to color-treated hair and add an additional luster that can last for several weeks. The treatment is about 20 minutes in total, and then afterwards, I was given an expert styling and blow-out by Nicole, the friendly young stylist from Astoria, Queens, who dispensed some excellent advice while enriching my tresses (to combat flat hair, keep the conditioner away from the scalp and put your hair up in huge rollers for an hour or so). I also loved the friendly vibe of the space, from its white-washed brick wall and white benches to its colorized photo of a San Diego beach (and, complimentary water and wine is also offered).

Finding a great city salon with expert stylists at prices that feel fairly gentle for this town (barber cuts start at $50, haircuts at $69) is not an easy chore. For that, Fox & Jane most assuredly got my thumbs up.

» Fox & Jane, 154 Orchard St., 212.837.2774