Facial on the Fly

Facial on the Fly

When it comes to regular grooming, a trip to the hair and nail salon seems to be pretty standard. A mani-pedi makes for a quick, relaxing post-office treat, while a trim and blowout are non-negotiable. However, for on-the-go New York women, finding time for any other service can be a struggle, so I knew I couldn’t say no when Lovella Spa and Repêchage invited me to try out their new “flash facial.”

A facial, in under 30 minutes? You betcha. One of the keys for the salon is ditching the idea that a facial must be performed behind closed doors, and instead performing the service out in the open, the same as a haircut. While I generally prefer a private experience, the ability to get such a quality treatment in so little time was well worth the trade-off. Repêchage’s line of seaweed-based products proved excellent. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, seaweed increases protection against harmful UV rays, locks in moisture, stimulates circulation and nourishes the cells. I noticed an immediate improvement in the health and glow of my skin after the esthetician removed the products (which formed a mask). Even a week after the facial (which came with a relaxing arm massage), my skin was still nice and soft, with no visible dead cells. The thing I was most impressed with, though, was the esthetician’s ability to zero in on my problem areas and skin type. After following up with products she specifically recommended for me, the flash facial is continuing to pay off, more than a week later.

I’m used to spending at least a half day in the salon when I get a facial—a lovely experience, but not one I have the time or funds for regularly. With Lovella’s flash facial costing around $50 and taking less than 30 minutes, it’s hard not to justify an addition to my regular beauty regimen. 

>> Lovella Salon, 111 W. 72nd St., 212.570.4441

>> Repêchage products available at www.repechage.com