The Shoe That Will Change the Way You Travel

The Shoe That Will Change the Way You Travel

Cocorose London sent me flats similar to these, but they had tan elastic, a patent-leather toe and no bow. Photo courtesy of Cocorose London.

There’s something about being in an airport that makes me feel both overdressed and underdressed at the same time. On the one hand, you see the breed of towering, beautiful women strutting by in their six-inch Laboutin heels, impossibly slim trousers and more jewelry than I own (how they make it through metal-sensitive security checkpoints, I’ll never know). The opposite side of the spectrum consists of those who threw on sweatpants, a baggy T-shirt and flip-flops (even if it’s snowing out)—an outfit I might clean my house in. What globe-trotting women choose to wear showcases their values when it comes to clothing—unbeatable comfort, flawless style or something else entirely—which is why I try combine a mix of chic, layered garments with comfortable shoes. Airport-friendly footwear, for me, usually means arch-supportive, strappy sandals in the warmer months or slip-on sneakers in the winter, but a new pair of foldable flats has taken on a coveted role in my on-the-go wardrobe.

Shoes from the upcoming Spring collection.

Cocorose London recently sent me a pair of foldable ballet flats from its “Diffusion” collection, which features soft, durable fabric and cushioned leather insoles. Sub-par experiences with this type of footwear from other brands brought out the skeptic in me, so I decided to test them out on the streets of NYC. Up and down subway stairs, through rain-soaked sidewalks and around the office, these leopard print slippers held their own, staying dry and offering decent tread. The elastic around the rim helped the shoes stay on my feet, but did not pinch the heel like similar shoes have. They also proved supportive and painless—I could easily picture myself lugging heavy bags through long stretches of the airport while wearing these shoes. The flats, which are available in tons of colors and prints, come in a convenient leather pouch, which contains a foldable satin shoulder bag to hold your less practical shoes. So ladies, kick those stilettos aside and give flip-flops the boot—the Diffusion flats are the best of both worlds.