Still nailing down a plan for Halloween in NYC? Nightlife event production company Indayo Group just let us know that they’re hosting a bunch of parties throughout the city all weekend long.

I confess, I have a thing for football players. In fact, I am kind of nutty about the whole sport, ever since I saw my son make his first touchdown at age 7.


This week, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) named the Big Apple as the most vegan-friendly city in America—and rightfully so. In addition to tons of amazing meat-free restaurants, the city hosting a vegan alcohol festival on Saturday, Sept. 20.

A horse show—in the middle of Manhattan? Waitta minute…this isn’t Kentucky!

Jazz and drinks go together like, well, like jazz and drinks, and you get the best of both at Analogue.

When Meatpacking District happy hours morph to nightlife, Bar Naná shifts from sidewalk patio to cool 2,300-square-foot cocktail lounge.

Going to the Top of the Strand, a bar styled by designer Lydia Marks of films like The Devil Wears Prada, drops me front and center in the New York I’ve dreamed about.

A little New York razzle-dazzle, sprinkled with jazz and classic cocktails, make it easy to put on the ritz...and win a date's heart.

The Mulberry Project takes tipplers back to the underground, Prohibition-era days with Project 1919 (thru Apr. 30).

My college friends and I may have been sipping out of dainty glass mugs, but this was no tea party—the punch certainly had us ready to dance by the last glass.


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