Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Rapper Rick Ross said it: “Everyday I’m Hustlin’.” Step into Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and you’ll know exactly what he was getting at.

The place is a shrine to—how best to phrase it?—gentlemanly pleasures, where a bachelor (or non-bachelor, I won’t tell wifey) can go to enjoy a stiff drink, relax and admire the finer sex. Creatively costumed female performers (if they’re even costumed at all) ensure that a good time is had by every head in the house. A flashy, Vegas aesthetic dominates the spacious interiors: 10,000 square-feet of lounging space, a second story featuring floating glass stages and secluded VIP champagne suites. Don’t fret if you come in a little scuffed up, there’s shoe shines in the bathroom! Smokers can take refuge up in the Cigar Lounge—a heated outdoor balcony space overlooking the whirring West Side Highway, accented with greek columns, sultry purple mood lighting and bright blue neon bulbs.

Looking to fulfill a fantasy? Here,free admission is on us.

Boys will be boys. Men will be men. At the Hustler Club, you can be anybody you want to be.

» Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, 641 W. 51st St., 212.247.2460