Oceans Away

Oceans Away

There are evenings in New York that can completely transport you out of what sometimes feels like the incessant noise and chaos of the city, whether it is through strains of a magnificent orchestra, the drama of a heart-rendering play or the ambience of an elegant restaurant. I was lucky enough to experience the latter recently when I attended the re-opening of Manhattan’s Water Club.

The restaurant had been closed since last October, due to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy: On this warm Monday evening, it looked as stately and seafaring as ever. Moored on an East River barge, the cocktails on the deck felt like the deck of a grand cruise line, even moreso once you felt the gentle breeze from the East River; the private dining room, like the main dining room of the restaurant, boasts huge windows, which offer views of the sparkling Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, the East River and the Queens skyline.

Dinner on this particular evening was designed from a sampling of the restaurant’s new menu which included whole roasted sea bass and 28-day aged strip steak, punctuated by a selection of fine white and reds from the restaurants impressive wine list.

It was a somewhat rueful awakening, after an evening of such nautically inspired beauty, to come back into the din of Midtown, but those few hours away in this lovely restaurant on the river made re-entry worth it.

>> The Water Club, East River and 30th St., 212.683.3333