Morgantown Mornings

Morgantown Mornings

Sometimes rising early is hard (yes, even in a city where each day offers marathon excitement and countless cultural opportunities). The solution? As a born and bred New Yorkah would say it: caw-fee. Coffee, coffee, coffeee. And lots of it. 

That's why when I start my mornings in Bushwick's Morgantown (or E. Williamsburg's Morgantown, as any eager-to-sell realtor would say), Swallow Café is my first stop. You can't miss it: A mural-adorned exterior is eye-popping, depicting a noble blue swallow gazing into the horizon. Cups of house coffee are strong and the service sweet. The neighboorhood's bohemain-millenial-hipster-creative aesthetic is very evident upon entry (and worth an observation for any practicing contemporary anthropologists out there). Inside you'll discover a room filled with thirsty hipsters of all stripes (from the bespectacled art scenster to the LGBTQ lumberjack) and a rugged, rustic-chic décor: exposed brick walls, tables made from  reclaimed planks, mismatched and charmingly-aged dining room chairs and local art displays. Cozy with a splash of cool, one could say. Just don't try to sneak in to use the bathroom without making a purchase: A sign hanging by the door reads, " 'cafe' is not French for 'restroom.' It is for paying customers only." Let it be noted: Cash-only.

I pop into the spot daily on my way to the L train for two reasons: a) I'm a caffine addict (a natural consequence of calling the city-that-never-sleeps home), and b) the chalk-board sign posted out front regularly features employee-sketched cartoons that are histerically awesome. The visuals are verifiably chuckle-worthy. Think: An anthropomorhized coffee cup spewing caffinated goodness into the open mouth of another cup; smiling beans diving giddily into a grinder; a prancing unicorn, coffee cup in hoof. It's easy to love a place that replaces my signature morning grumble with a spirit-lifting laugh. 

With a double Americano tightly in grip, it's time to smile, start for Manhattan and—most importantly—swallow.

>>Swallow Café (cash only), 49 Bogart St., btw Moore & Seigel sts. (directly off the Morgan L train), no phone


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