David Burke is not your run-of-the-mill chef. He’s not even your run-of-the-mill chef/entrepreneur. A recent visit to his Townhouse, the first of the restaurants in his now impressive gastronomic empire, revealed a fascinating man … one who never stops thinking, never stops exploring new opportunities, never stops creating. Here’s just a few of the things David’s simmering on the stove in his metaphorical kitchen, so to speak:

- Next winter, Burke will be introducing a new restaurant (with rooftop bar) in the soon-to-be-opening Archer Hotel on West 38th Street.

- Burke is partnering with Crumbs Bake Shop to create David Burke sandwiches for the upscale line of bakeries: they will be sold in at the Crumbs bakeries around the city: think Italian hero, veggie sandwiches, Brie and figs and other mouth-watering combinations.

- Keep an eye on your remote: there may be more TV appearances in store for the tireless chef (recently seen on The Apprentice)

- Watch out for  a “Burke In The Box” takeout café that may be opening in the Plaza Hotel Food Hall. On the way out, David generously offered me a farewell gift, one that was about as sweet as you can get: a box of the famous Burke lollipops (cheesecake “pops” encased in various chocolate shells); no surprise that their creative pop-like presentation was only outdone by the sweet, creamy cheesecake itself. Superb. Much like the man himself.

» David Burke Townhouse, 133 E. 61st St., 212.813.2121