Me and my Shadow

Me and my Shadow

Calder Shadows takes place in a darkened room. As your eyes adjust, you become aware of about a dozen of Alexander Calder's sculptures and famed mobiles. They are all dramatically lit so that they throw oversized--and in th ecase of the mobiles, ever-changing--shadows on the wall  and floor.

It's like seeing two works of art simultaneously--the same, only different. A jagged vertical sculpture becomes a demented Christmas tree in shadowy form; another one, a series of metal planes, turns into a hovering bird. Paradoxically, some of the shadows seem to have clearer shapes and more detail than the actual work (especially in the case of a wire mask suspended in a second room).

What's especially interesting is how one's fellow viewers, captured in silhouette as they study and move around the works, become part of the installation themselves.


It isn't often that a new art exhibit displays an old master in a new light--literally.

<< Calder Shadows, at Venus Over Manhattan, 980 Madison Ave., 212.980.0700, thru Dec. 21