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You get to a certain age, and you think you’ve seen it all. What more can there be to discover? Answer: Lots. Until yesterday, I had never heard of, much less knowingly seen a work by Indian-born American artist Zarina Hashmi (b. 1937). All that changed at Zarina: Paper Like Skin, the thrilling—there is no other word—retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, thru April 21, 2013.

The Winter Antiques Show, Jan. 25-Feb. 3, never ceases to amaze. But this year, its 59th consecutive year as the mainstay of New York's winter art and antiques calendar, it outdoes itself. Could it be that, like many a 59 year old, its thoughts turned to a face-lift? The look of the show, from the cream paneled architecture of the booths to the enhanced lighting to the bright buff carpet that replaces the industrial gray of yore, has been freshened.


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