Al Natural Outdoor Art

Al Natural Outdoor Art

It might be called the concrete jungle but NYC and nature are on polar poles. That’s not the case with this year’s batch of inspired outdoor art installations in NYC. International artists have taken to the streets and plazas of the Big Apple this spring, filling it with works taking cues from the great outdoors in new and eye-catching ways.

Elmgreen & Dragset “Van Gogh’s Ear” (Public Art Fund/Jason Wyche)

Elmgreen and Dragset “Van Gogh’s Ear” (on view through June 3), Rockefeller Center, Fifth Ave., 49th & 50th sts.

The playful installation of an upturned, Southern California style pool smack in the middle of Rockefeller Center is a funky juxtaposition to this iconic plaza. The Berlin-based artist duo activates viewers’ imaginations with nostalgia of sunny, summer days away from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Amanda Paren’s “Intrude” is hopping into NYC after a year long tour around the US.

Amanda Parer, “Intrude” (April 17-30) Winter Garden, Brookfield Place, 200 Vessey St., at West St.

The five spring-themed, giant inflatable bunnies are a commentary on this furry species invasive destruction of the natural environment in the artist’s native Australia. Brought over by European colonists in 1788, rabbits are natural pests to native rats. Parer’s installation is meant to strike a discussion on environmental conservation.

Isa Genzken “Two Orchids” (Public Art Fund/Jason Wyche,© 2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn)


Isa Genzken, “Two Orchids” (on view through Aug. 21), Central Park, Doris, C. Freedman Plaza, Fifth Ave., at 60th St.

Egyptian artist Iza Genzken’s towering orchid sculptures greet Central Park visitors all throughout spring and summer. Marking NYC’s largest parcel of greenery, the 28 and 34 feet tall plant are also a commentary on the fact that exotic flowers can be grown anywhere now with globalization.