SoHo's Newest Boutique is Pure Stylistic Hygge

SoHo's Newest Boutique is Pure Stylistic Hygge



Courtesy The Eight Sense

According to designer N Baranes, we have eight senses. It’s not just your standard five (sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste) Baranes likes to throw in humor, intuition and common sense to complete the eight. It’s this playful interpretation that guides her new boutique, The Eight Senses.


The new contemporary fashion line is located in the heart of SoHo is the definition of effortless chic. With gorgeous handmade fabrics, soft color palettes and flattering silhouettes, The Eight Senses collection is not only easy to wear, it is contemporary and practical with a touch of luxury. The ample collection includes everything from cozy puffer scarves to cashmere jackets and airy silk tunics. The sale attendants are knowledgeable and attentive; you can even schedule a private styling session if you want some extra attention and help to select the perfect outfit.

Brave the cold and head to SoHo for a little shopping spree and visit The Eight Sense for some beautiful warm and cozy pieces.


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