Vertu Goes Beyond the Average Smartphone

Vertu Goes Beyond the Average Smartphone

Until I walked into Vertu’s Madison Avenue shop, I thought my smartphone was pretty impressive. It does everything I thought was possible: searches the internet, receives emails and takes photos. Vertu’s phones go beyond even these features and offer a much higher quality of materials. Not only are all three of their collections—the Ti, Signature and new Constellation—handmade in the United Kingdom, but they are also GSM-capable so they can be used internationally. 

The Ti and Constellation are both Android-powered, feature a sapphire crystal screen and offer Vertu’s Life and Certainty services, which give you access to exclusive cultural events and a top-notch security system respectively. The Ti also features the Vertu Concierge service, which pairs you with a personal concierge who will assist you with any request you might have. The Constellation comes in five colors of soft calf leather, including cappuccino, orange and raspberry.

If you’re looking for more basic features, but still want the exclusive design of a Vertu, try their Signature collection. These phones are made with the same high quality materials of their Android phones, including gold, sapphire, diamond and leather. The difference is their simplicity: the Signature phones offer only essential technology—namely calling and texting.

Visit their store at 610 Madison Avenue or browse their collections online at

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