We Can't Keep This Rooftop Lounge on “The DL”... It's Too Hot

We Can't Keep This Rooftop Lounge on “The DL”... It's Too Hot

First Floor Dining Room (Courtesy of The DL)

I’d been warned about New York City summers and usually, I'm out of the city during this sticky season. This year, the occasional subway car with no a/c and failing to avoid sweat stains on my work clothes has had me rethinking my life decisions. So when I was invited to The DL, Delancey & Ludlow's fifth-anniversary rooftop party, I was curious to find out what kind of outdoor experience this lounge would offer. 

Right in the Lower East Side and a short walk from F-train, this multi‐level lounge, restaurant, and event space is deceiving at first glance; you would never know that the venue spans 7,500 square feet across three levels. I arrived for the anniversary press event a little early, so I checked out the first floor, which has a modern-meets-old-world charm, with crystal chandeliers above the bar, plush velvet sofas and leather arm chairs. The weathered hardwood floors also give the space an industrial vibe; I love the mix of styles of decor and it all works together seamlessly. As we were escorted to the rooftop, I found myself praying to the shoe gods as I walked up the six flights it took to get to the lounge. ("Maybe don’t wear stilettos next time," I told myself.)  

The Rooftop Lounge (Courtesy The DL)

The cardio was well worth it once I made it to the top. The third floor’s rooftop is an expansive 5,000 square feet and offers spectacular views of the Williamsburg Bridge and views of the Lower East Side skyline. The rooftop can seat 150 guests or host 400 guests during their nightly DJ sets.The lounge is dotted with groups of tall tropical plants and vines hanging from metal beams and speakers, and the large ceiling fans made the lounge much more comfortable. The centerpiece of the rooftop is a large bar framed in what looks like a metal pergola, also covered in hanging vines. While I got to hang out in a red banquet VIP section, I sipped on a few cocktails. My favorites were the Felicidad, with tequila, mezcal, raspberry, agave, triple sec, lime; and the Dee Lite, made with gin, frozen lemonade and basil. They were both ice cold, light, and refreshing—the perfect trifecta to defy this hot and humid summer weather. The crowd was pleasantly diverse and lively while the DJ spun Top 40 hits and old school jams.

The DL is a one-stop shop where you can have a classy dinner on the first floor, and then make your way to the rooftop to party with great music, cocktails and awesome views. Hours W- Th 5:30-11 pm, F- Sa 5:30 pm- 4 am,  Su 5:30-11pm.


<<The DL (Delancey & Ludlow), 95 Delancey, 212.228.0909

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