Pergola & Fruta Pop Are Making Frozen Boozy Magic

Pergola & Fruta Pop Are Making Frozen Boozy Magic

Pergola's Lush Dining Room (Farah Lopez)

I love the Flatiron District: the iconic namesake building, Madison Square Park across the street (arguably the best people-watching spot in the city), and the beautiful chaos of professionals, tourists, and artists all around are some of the reasons why I love this city.

Not far from the Flatiron Building is Pergola, a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant nestled in the Flower District on W. 28th St. Pergola takes full advantage of its access to all the best blossoms in the city and covers the entire restaurant in fresh flowers and leafy vines. Was I in A Midsummer's Night Dream? Upon entering, there’s a large wooden pergola at the heart of the dining room adorned in flowers of all shapes and sizes; wooden beams are encased in lush green shrubbery. A blanket of warm string lights draped across each beam that almost made me forget I was inside, and it was muggy and pouring outside.  

I arrived a little early for the press event announcing Pergola’s new Petal Pops, a partnership with boozy sensation Fruta Pops. Move over Frosé! These vodka-spiked ice treats are not only refreshing but also beautiful to look at, with edible flower petals frozen inside. You can devour these new beauties at Pergola's “adult lemonade stand” set up outside through the glass facade (weather permitting), which opens from floor to ceiling during the summer to showcase the interior exposed brick walls and open loft layout.

As I walked farther into the restaurant, hookah smoke began curling all around me, making the air sweet and spicy. Pergola has an extensive hookah menu with over 30 tobacco flavors including watermelon, mint, and bubble gum. Hookah is a prominent fixture in Middle Eastern culture and due to the happy hour special, there was one on almost every table—they divided the dance floor like pawns on a chessboard. Pergola boasts of having space for up to 150 guests or 50 for a seated dinner in the dining room, but the high ceilings and additional loft seating makes the space feel much more expansive.  

I absolutely love the vibe in this restaurant/bar; the crowd is a diverse and lively group of millennial professionals who are here not just for the drinks, but also the great networking opportunities. I had the pleasure of meeting a wine specialist who introduced me to a Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend from Margaret River Australia called Cape Mentelle. I’ve always been a fan of Semillon, a delicious Bordeaux varietal, but the herbaceous flavor profile of Sauvignon Blanc has never been my favorite. Three glasses later, I was a believer. This crisp and not overly sweet wine has great acidity, is well balanced, and very easy to drink—perfect for summer.

Pergola has a varied food menu with items like Pergola poutine, grilled octopus, and goat cheese poppers but it serves mostly Mediterranean fare with classic Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes. Next time you’re in the Flatiron District stop into Pergola for a Petal Pop or a glass of wine; there is always something going on from weekly live music and floral arranging tutorials to seasonal drink specials. Pergola’s operating hours are M-F 11 am-2 am, Sa & Su 4 pm-2 am.


 >>Pergola New York, 36 W. 28th St., 212.679.4842

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