Midtown Haven

Midtown Haven

Drinks with Views of Midtown (Courtesy Haven Rooftop)

 “And this is why the people of New York City are so good at partying,” I thought, as I stood atop Haven Rooftop on this sunny, warm May evening. Having been invited to this event to celebrate the collaboration between Haven Rooftop and Grey Goose, I found myself sipping on the lounge’s signature cocktail, a Cloudtini (Grey Goose, Lychee, St. Germain,) while enjoying the work of DJ Annie Sollange behind her Pioneer CDJ mixing table. She was mixing several popular songs at once, while also singing into her microphone. A few members of the crowd sung along, but most of Haven’s guests were deeply webbed in their own conversations, many of which—contrary to the expectations three bartenders pouring Grey Goose and a clock reading 6 pm—were still about work-related topics.

Peering around, I realized… Haven Rooftop at 6 pm on a Thursday is exactly what a haven is supposed to be. The DJ plays house music to the backdrop of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, a New York City landmark built in 1895. I’m sipping on another Grey Goose cocktail—this time it’s Grey Goose Le Mon, ginger beer, lime wedges: Haven Rooftop’s Le Mon Mule— and I can see the red steps of Times Square at 47th Street, its LED lights brightening as the sun descends.

At first, it seems crazy to me that I’m one of the few—if not the only one—stopping to take it all in for a moment. But then I remember that I’m sharing a rooftop with a collection of New Yorkers. Haven Rooftop isn’t their first rodeo. Maybe after this they’re hitting Tender, the downstairs restaurant in the Sanctuary Hotel. Maybe they have another secret gem of a roof lined up. But they’re here because they know what they like and they recognize the kind of atmosphere they deserve: nothing short of the heights.           


>>Haven Rooftop, Sanctuary Hotel, 132 W. 47th St., 212.466.9000


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