Gourmet Food Treats From a Hip Wine Bar

Gourmet Food Treats From a Hip Wine Bar

Lemon candied pepitas from Aida (©Mojalvo)

I have always thought the concept behind the Lois bar is a cool one (and not just because of the, a-hem, name). As a passionate fan of wine, I was excited when Lois first opened two years ago. The Lower East Side wine bar offered somewhat of a novelty—a selection of reasonably-priced wines, exclusively on tap (beer and cider are also on tap, no liquor). The offerings also included inventive small plates such as kale flatbread and sausage rolls to compliment the 16 red and whites on tap. The rest of the press seemed to agree with me, as the bar began to garner such enthusiastic headlines as “The Absolute Best Bar in the East Village” and “Where to Drink Right Now.”

Now the owners have branched out to offer Aida, a new food brand featuring handcrafted cookies, nuts and crackers. Tempting items include Szechuan candied pecans, sourdough crackers, lemon candied pepitas and Old World Rye crackers. While you can find the items online (www.AidaEats.com), the products are aso available at specialty food shops around the city, including Bedford Cheese Shop, BKLN Larder, Alphabet City Beer Co and Malt & Mold, with more retail locations to come.

If the food and drink at Lois bar is any indication of what Lois owners Phoebe Connell and Nora O’Malley have created with their new gourmet snack line, something tells me it’s gonna be darn worth seeking out.


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