Frosty Cocktail Drinks!

Frosty Cocktail Drinks!


A lychee-flavored cocktail at Davio‘s Northern Italian Steakhouse

What’s better on a hot summer’s day than a frosty ice pop? And especially one turned into a yummy cocktail? Davio’s, known for its fine Northern Italian food, offers alcohol-infused fruity ice pops—lychee or hibiscus—that are paired with either prosecco or rosé sparkling wine, and can be savored at the bar or on the restaurant’s patio (or, of course at your table). My other go-to for an icy treat is the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at the Conrad Hotel. The prosecco-infused ice-pop cocktails are always available in several different flavors (such as blueberry peach, strawberry lemongrass, empire apple), my fave being watermelon sangria, though the ice pop flavors vary on a monthly basis. This delicious drink, along with the spectacular views of the Hudson River from the 16th floor, are the perfect ways for me to “chill”! I’ve also heard great things about the Petal Pops at Pergola, a Mediterraean restaurant in the Flower District. These frozen treats are a blend of Tito’s vodka, lemonade and elderflower, laced with edible flowers.

Finally, if you want to go bar hopping via bridge hopping, take a quick cab ride or subway over to Brooklyn for even more chilled cocktails. You can get a boozy ice pop at the ice-cream shop OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg (the pops here include gin and juice, lime tarragon margarita, rosé and vodka Red Bull). The bar Branch Ofc., which looks more like a 1950s diner than a bar (but trust me, it is!) is offering Sloe Cones this summer, a snow cone with, yup, liquor, in three flavors: sloe gin and cherry, rum and pineapple and mescal with sweet lime and Tabasco.

So, if the dog days of summer start getting to you, check out one of these frosty treats—but make sure and bring your ID.

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